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After many exasperating months of building a house, I was greeted by my new neighbor who was a “Christian businessman”.   He invited me to a “home Bible study” to which I had no intention of going.

Barry Haindel

As I studied Physics at UNO, I came to the realization that God really exists. Sometimes I thought religion may be man’s effort to ease the pain of impending death.  In graduate school at Tulane the evidence for God became even more apparent.  No one tried to persuade me and we did not talk about it in class 
After several years of working for LSU Medical Center, I began to feel “empty”.  I combatted that by constantly living for the future – LSU football, the weekends, my favorite TV programs, sports, etc. Suddenly, I realized that my life was ebbing away.  Because of this emptiness, my wife and I decided in 1973 to move to the northshore! 


This hyped my interest.  I asked if he would come to my home that Sunday because I had many questions.  He explained that you cannot work or earn your way to heaven but it was by faith in Jesus Christ who claimed to be God incarnate (John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8&9).  I had never before encountered this concept.  One night he challenged me to put my trust in Jesus and invite Him into my life. I did!  Within a few weeks from first attending this Bible study, my life turned from emptiness and despair to joy, hope, and fulfillment.  I hope that if you relate to my story, you will pursue your spiritual journey of knowing Jesus, reading the Bible, and learning the meaning of life.

At that milestone in my life, I had achieved all of my goals and had no serious personal problems.  My only concern was death.  My relatives and some of my friends were dying and I had no way to cope with this inevitable result.  The Bible teacher, a Covington High School teacher, began to speak about “God’s plan of salvation”.  

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